Kenda is an organisational development consultant, facilitator and coach.

    Over 25 years of experience in organisational and learning development, practiced leadership expertise, and an understanding of individual and group dynamics informs Kenda’s work with leaders and groups at all levels, across private, public and non-profit sectors. She works with forward-thinking clients around the world who are driven by passion and purpose to harness the power of a collaborative collective.

    She brings a multicultural background, rich life experience, an eclectic blend of theoretical frameworks, practical methodologies, and creative intuition; combining these to elicit the best from those who work with her. She works in an emergent, relational way, focussing on the efficacy and sustainable impact of the work. She loves the interplay of individual behaviours, group dynamics, and the processes of facilitated collaboration in achieving results which is based on an enduring belief in the transformational power of learning.
    In addition to a degree in Law and Social Anthropology, Kenda is a qualified and committed L&D consultant and coach. She is also a Myers Briggs MBTI (Step 2) practitioner and an EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-360 Emotional Quotient Inventory assessor, with membership of the Association for Coaching and the BILD (British Institute of Learning and Development).

    Beyond her passion for work, she loves to travel the world, scuba dive, and spend time in deep conversation over a good meal with friends.