Facilitation Zone: esperti in materia di facilitazione

We facilitate the discovery and emergence of your best internal resources to help you achieve sustainable growth in times of profound change.


We help people sustainably develop their ability to manage themselves and their relations with colleagues and collaborators, and to orient the growth of their team, so as to be better prepared to face any type of challenge.


We facilitate and support organizational change with interventions aimed at sustainable growth in the performance and well-being of your organization, so as to significantly increment your capacity to face new challenges.


We use selected assessment tools to identify, measure and monitor the strengths and improvement margins of the qualities and soft skills of people, teams and companies, in order to develop in an evolutionary direction the awareness of people and the culture of your organization.


We offer the international certification program “Cultural Transformation Tools© Practitioner” elaborated by Richard Barrett, which allows you to master approaches, models, tools and skills, to best promote cultural transformation in business, leadership and individuals.

  • What great human and authentic people! Through both soft and disruptive approaches they nicely unleashed the full potential of my team while creating something magic and poweful

    Iñaki de Rezola Novartis Pharma - Executive Director Immunology Hepatology and Dermatology
  • People with unique and special characteristics, capable of understanding and opening up the minds and hearts of even the most sceptic and resisting managers.

    Monica Magrì Gruppo Cerved – Human Resource Director
  • Their intervention with the Managing Committee of the Group is possibly the one that had the greatest results in terms of improving effectiveness and supporting change in individuals and in the leading team.

    Cesare Cucci Crédit Agricole Friuladria – Vice General Manager
  • Trust, so natural and immediate, was the key to a journey in which I have felt free to be myself completely

    Elena Coatti Nexive - Chief Financial Officer
  • Capable of grasping and quickly evidencing certain dynamics and areas of improvement among us partners allowing us to deal with them in depth. This was done very effectively, without generating 'natural resistances' or negative or defensive reactions.

    Angelo Centrone Eurogroup Consulting – Managing Director and Partner
  • Through a tailored program, in a very short time, they trained a limited number of our managers so that they could 'contaminate' the entire organization with a new culture based on feedback.

    Mauro Clara Ferrero – Talent Acquisition Management & Training Manager
  • They have a profound knowledge of business which makes them capable of easily speaking with all levels of the organization. This is a quality that is not easily found in those who do their job.

    Monica Magrì Gruppo Cerved – Human Resource Director
  • They have been able to make everyone focus on the essence of questions, making the hidden part of the 'iceberg' emerge, the unspoken, the 'soft belly' of the company in its various areas and roles.

    Cesare Cucci Crédit Agricole Friuladria – Vice General Manager
  • An in-depth work that has allowed me to express all that I had inside and to deal with it practically, one step at a time, in order to improve my personal and professional life.

    Elena Coatti Nexive - Chief Financial Officer
  • Great flexibility in continuously adapting the project direction to our needs, maximizing the relation between the participation required and the results.

    Angelo Centrone Eurogroup Consulting – Managing Director and Partner
  • Thanks to them some of our managers were given the possibility to engage in a process of managerial growth in a self-aware, enthusiastic and constructive fashion. Their intervention has helped our people become better professionals and better people.

    Mauro Clara Ferrero – Talent Acquisition Management & Training Manager


Facilitation ZoneTM is an ISO-Certified international network of about 30 facilitators, with extensive experience as consultants, educators and coaches, in all Europe and in multicultural contexts.




“Cultural Transformation Tools© Practitioner”

ROME – From 11th to 14th December 2019