trasformazione culturale


We facilitate and support organizational change with interventions aimed at sustainable growth in the performance and well-being of your organization, so as to significantly increment your capacity to face new challenges.


Organizations, departments or teams that need to face a significant change, or in which there is a non-collaborative atmosphere that inhibits potential resources.


To face change using trust rather than fear, to make our creative potential emerge, to better exploit our diversities, to create a healthy, high-performance and sustainable culture.


All of our interventions in support of organization development and cultural transformation are based on our approach: building trust and collaboration, encouraging individuals to act and take responsibility, offering added value sustainable in the mid-long period, exploiting the value of diversity and offering programs tailored on the specific needs of the client.

  • Cultural and motivational assessments of the organization: evaluation of the alignment of the culture to business strategy and objectives, analysis of the level of entropy and the sustainability of the system, analysis of motivational and demotivational drivers in people, identification of possible adaptation and transformation strategies
  • Team leadership support: aligning and motivating the leadership team around themes such as vision, identity, transitions and transformational journeys . Individual leadership coaching programs. Tailored training on “key organizational topics” (e.g. change management, creating an atmosphere of trust and collaboration).
  • Support to other teams in the organization: themes similar to the above applied to different teams (specific departments, business units, subsidiaries, etc.). Trickling down of work done on leadership team.

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